About Us

{our story}
We were set up by a friend in February 2005. He had blond tips & both his ears pierced. I knew of him for a while and jokingly referred to him as Justin Timberlake whenever my friend mentioned him. Who knew he was exactly what I needed in my life.

We got {engaged} in Cuba in January 2008. He proposed on the balcony of our hotel room during what was most likely the coldest week in Cuba's history. The engagement was picture perfect even if I was so shocked I let a few curse words fly and asked him over and over if he was serious. I felt like the luckiest girl ever and still do.

We got {married} in Calgary in June of 2009. It was one of the most fun filled days of our lives. We spent it celebrating, eating and drinking with the people we love most - how could it not have been!?

We added the sweetest yellow lab {Cruz} to our family in July of 2009 - the day after we got home from our honeymoon. She was the best kijiji find ever and our lives would not be the same without her. I love how her eye brows talk for her, how she bounces like a rabbit and knows exactly when we need extra lovin' and kisses. She really is our first baby.

After months of fertility treatments we {finally got pregnant} in January 2013 and I tell you whole-heartedly; I would do those long months over again tenfold to feel the excitement and love we felt those months leading up to her birth.

We added sweet {Delainey Brynn} to our family in September 2013. She has proven that some things in life are worth waiting for. Nothing could have prepared me for the overwhelming happiness and love that came along with her. She is goofy, smart and the light of our lives. You may see a couple photos of her & her sister on this blog. ;)

Lastly we added {a boy} to our family! We couldn't be more excited or thankful that another IUI worked for us the first try. We love our IUI babies.

{Ryder Keith} was born in October 2015 and completed our family perfectly. He is so sweet and chill.

{In addition} we have the most amazing, supportive, fun {and ridiculously good looking} family and friends that we are lucky enough to go through life with.
We love the outdoors. Days at the lake. The mountains. The Sunshine. Sitting by the campfire and drinking champagne. We love hikes, bike rides and the smell of being in the middle of nowhere.
We love nights at home. BBQ dinners. Snuggled up on the couch. With a great movie or one of our favorite shows. Popcorn and a cocktail.
We love family walks. Meal time shenanigans. Delainey's dance moves, the sound of her laughing and seeing Cruz's happiness the moment we get to the lake make our hearts smile. Family ice cream dates in the back of the Xterra are our jam. We have a ton of fun and love hard. We may not have it all but we have all we need.

{All professional photos are done by Whitney Cowan Photography. Only the best photographer in all the land. We heart her big time.}