Happy Monday! Another week and weekend flown by and I want it back. We had a great week/end and spent a lot of time outside which is our favorite kind of days!
After work on Monday the kids wanted a bike ride and they rode the whole time.

More after work runs!

Wednesday morning we met up with Brie, Sully & Emmy at a new to us park in Inglewood. It was a hit with all the kids and I love wood chips as the ground! It's so much cleaner and smells so good!

It was a little chilly so we walked to nearby Rosso's for a coffee for us and a warm spot for the kids to eat their snack.

We walked back to play in the leaves and the sun even came out!

The kids had a great time and Brie and I had a great visit too! Thanks for this photo of Ry & I Brie!

Thursday Delainey requested going grocery shopping for her "something fun"! ha  What a girl. So we did that in the morning and then went to the park on our way to Swimming lessons. It was such a nice day out. Cruz and I hung out outside during quiet time and naps.

Delainey is doing so good on the monkey bars and the kids are obsessed with leaves since we don't have any in our neighborhood!

 I taught Surf on Thursday night and then Justin and I caught up on some shows. I really want to love The Good Doctor but it drives me CRAZY. The voice they have given the Doctor with Autism drives me crazy. I have worked with hundreds of people with Autism over the years and not 1 of them talks like a robot like that. End rant.

Friday Ryder and I went to a park in Bowness and found this fun wall! He was more excited about the bus that was parked right beside it!

Gramma came to watch gymnastics which was great even though Ry was being a monkey for the first 30 minutes. I think he was exhausted since he was up at 5am because then the last 15 minutes he just wanted to sleep on the mats - and then was asleep in the truck before we had even left COP! 
And slept on my shoulder during preschool pick up!

Delainey doing Ryder's hair while I made lunch. :)

Delainey had ballet that afternoon so we hit up our walking spot. It was so windy though!

Doesn't bother him any! :)

Saturday Justin went for a bike ride with Brian and Delainey requested a hike so we headed out to Big Hills Springs. It was a bit chilly to start but the sun was out and we had a great time. Delainey isn't quick but she's a riot and keeps me laughing. 

Cruz enjoyed a few swims and Ryder spent most of the hike on my back because he is extra slow and would like to follow Cruz into the water. :)

Stopped at the top for a snack and some goofiness. 

Saturday night we carved our pumpkins before dinner. Neither kid would touch the insides and were happy just coloring the pumpkins after they helped design and carve them.

 Justin and I watched Unbroken once the kids were in bed. It was a good movie. {A tad long and I may have tried falling asleep a few times}

Sunday we headed out to Canmore in the morning. We were hoping to replicate our last trip with shuttling Justin for a few runs and then some fun at the bike park but the weather had other plans. It was full on blizzard when we arrived and so wet and snowy. It wasn't letting up so we made the decision to head back so the kids could go for a bike ride in the ravine. 

That evening I headed out to take a few photos of Jeff and Jolie and baby bump MacPhee! SO excited that in just a month we will meet that sweet girl. 

Jolie looks phenomenal and I am just so excited for them {& us!!}

Dress: Pink Blush

Thanks for asking me to take these you guys. Love you.

I had another Frock Box delivery and it's safe to say I loved it {albeit one little hiccup}. It was the perfect fall box and I've worn all 4 items a few times and have had compliments on each many of them many times - spoiler alert - I kept the whole box minus a top.

I was sent a tee that I was previously sent in my last box and sent back as I did not love it. I was disappointed because if you keep the whole box you get 25% off everything. The customer service with Frock Box has always been one of their strongest points and they let me send the tee back and keep the 4 items instead of 5 and still get 25% off the whole box minus the top. Happy Birthday to me from Gran. :)

On to the box:

Item 1: Moto Cropped Pants with High Waist - $64 - Small - Wine
I LOVE love love these pants. I wore them all day long and they are SO comfortable. And then I wore them for a few more days too. ;) I clearly need them in every color. They fit perfectly, are flattering and could wear them with with flats, booties or even tall boots and just cover up that side zipper. I knew as soon as I was putting them on that they were a keeper and worth $64.

Item 2 - Navajo Print Booties in Taupe {sent Black} - 6.5 - $54
I love these. I am so glad they sent them in black as I have taupe booties so these so completely different than anything I own. I have worn them many times and even to Wine & Food Fest and my feet were happy all night. They are cute with tights and a dress too.

Items 3 - Floral Print Top with Lace Sleeve - $49 - Small - Blue
Like I said, I was already sent this top and as much as I love the floral, there is just something about the lace and do not love and just wouldn't reach for it in my closet.

Returned. Again. ;)

Item 4 - Waffle Open Front Knit Cardigan - $49 - Small - Pink
My co-worker and I were just talking about how hard it is to find a good cardigan and I love this one. It's a really great color, hangs perfectly and is a good length on me. I've worn it with jeans, black pants and floral leggings as well. :)

Item 5 - Gilli Knit Short Sleeve Tunic Dress - $49 - Small - Grey
 I wasn't sure about this dress but once I tried it on I liked it. I wore it to work this week with tights and these booties but could wear it with a drapier cardigan and tall boots too and will be great in the spring with flats.

It has a cute zipper detail at the back and rolled cuff sleeves.

So there we have it. A happy Frock Boxer right here! :) All items are really great quality and will be worn all fall/winter and into spring too!
Want to try Frock Box! Click here {referral link} and enjoy set up a profile so your stylist can get to know your unique style.

Be very specific in what you want - wanting only dresses? Tell them. Don't like lace or tight fitted items? Tell them.
Tell them if there are colors or prints you don't like. I say no to black.
Link a Pinterest account to your profile.
Engage with them on social media and tell them what you want to see in your box.
Have an open mind. So many times I look at my items and think I won't like them until I put them on!