When the cold front hits Calgary we definitely visit the libraries around us more than we do when the sun is shining. I love that the closest library to us is attached to Vivo which makes it not only a library trp but "an adventure" as Delainey says. The library is a great activity especially now that libary cards are also free now for adults and children. 

It is also really easy to search for books and put them on hold using the libary app. We often will just go pick up our books that are on hold and then grab a "Quick Picks" bag if we are in a hurry.

The libraries are getting better and better at having more for the kids to do than just books. Ours has blocks, iPads with educational games, chess and a firetruck. They also have special events from time to time and Story Time as well.

They have organized bins that make it really easy to find books within your child's area of interest and I love that they are nice and low for the kids. Delainey cleared the libary out of all the ballerina books from the "Princesses & Palaces" bin!

Ryder spotted this car cart and they had to have a ride.

Coolest kids in the library for sure!

The highlight of this library for the kids is the firetruck. They love "driving to Ma Pa's house" as Ryder said last time we were there and Delainey is smart little thing and always drives to the beach. :) I still need to take the kids down to Engine 23 at the Central Library for Fire Truck Story Time with the fire fighter and the big fire truck. Ry will love that {so will Mom ;)}!

The libraries are really good at creating new Early Learning Centres for kids to play for free. They are different at each library and have some really fun themes {like Rainbow Jungle and Into The Woods} for children 0-5 to learn through play. We are checking out the Grand Opening of the Crowfoot one A Bird's Eye View this morning!

We defintely have it on our list of things to do this winter to check out other libraries and their Early Learning Centres.
All photos from the lovely Delle of T07 Photography
 ...but I sure do love taking photos! One of my goals for the new year is to learn how to use our camera! I don't change any settings or know anything about it. So when my co-worker asked me to take maternity photos I was pretty nervous. She was happy with them which is all that matters and it gave me a little practice for Jeff & Jolie's too!

We had a really gloomy afternoon with no peeks of sunshine which was too bad but we documented her beautiful bump and that's all that mattered!

And then came Felix. He is just the sweetest little man. He made me even more excited {if that was possible} for little Miss MacPhee to arrive.

Big sister shots:

Sweetest little peanut.
And I am SO excited to take some photos of sweet Rosalie this weekend. 
Well this weekend was a special one as we met our sweet niece for the first time and she is just the sweetest! But on to our week first...
Monday night the kids went for a sleepover to Ma & Pa's so I went to a Circuit 40 class up at Sweat Lab that my co-worker Kim teaches. It was a great workout and I loved the style and how quickly it went. Plus Kim is awesome and the studio is super cool. :)

On Tuesday the kids went swimming with Ma & Pa! Wednesday I was off so we met Brie & the kids at the zoo. The weather was quite mild so a great day for it. As always the kids had a blast and Ry got his Emmy fix. He asks for her daily and tells us how cute she is!

Playing in the craft bucket quietly while I made dinner!

Wednesday night sweet Rosalie Jayne was born! She is just the sweetest peanut at 7lbs 2 oz. So happy for Jeff and Jolie and us!

Thursday we had a busy day planned. We went to the open gym at Vivo which was a ton of fun and Delainey's preschool friend Bennett happened to be there too so that was an added bonus! The kids had fun with blocks, playing basketball, building a house with snap blocks, parachute and scooter boards. The bouncy castle had leak. :(

I love the idea of the kids being able to play in the gym in the colder months but I did struggle with the lack of parenting. There are bleachers set up so there were a lot of parents just hanging out with thier coffee on thier phones while I was asking thier children to stop taking balls out of my kids hands, asking them to stop running into other kids with scooter boards or breaking the big block houses we spent a lot of time making. I understand kids will be kids and I let it go the 1st, 2nd and 3rd time but come on keep an eye on your kids!

We had a 2 for 1 coupon so we had smoothies with our snack lunch before heading out to run a few errands including the kids each picking out a little toy for thier new cousin. 

We spent some time at the Children's Hospital that afternoon visiting Lily, I mean Captain Jack Sparrow. ;) She's a total trooper and doing so well with her dialiysis, I am so proud of her but it beaks my heart this is her reality. The kids loved being up on the bed with her and playing with her toys and showing her all the gifts they chose for her.

We left there just in time for me to realize my great plan of being at the Children's Hospital 5 minutes from swimming wasn't so great as I remembered {just in time!} that Nana was meeting us at our place to come to swimming!! {This is why I write everything down!! Gah} Luckily we made it just in time to pick her up and head to the pool! Mom brain.
I taught Surf that night and Mom & Dad came to class!! Thank you Ma Pa!

Friday morning we did our usual preschool drop off, picked up our online grocery order and then had time to throw rocks in the river and take a few photos of Ry before swimming. 

Pit monster!

How cute is this new top and beanie from Little Heaven Designs here in Calgary and the material is so soft!

Friday afternoon Mom and Dad came over so I could go teach Surf {thank you!} and then we patiently waited for Justin to come home so we could go meet Rosalie.

Meeting her was nothing short of amazing. The kids were so cute with her and just on cloud nice holding her and loving on her. We had a great visit with them and Jolie's parents who are here from NY. Trust me when I say I didn't want to leave.

We came home and watched the Victoria Secret Fashion Show in our jammies in front of the Christmas tree once the kids were asleep - perfection!

We started our Lego Advent calendar Saturday morning as well as Elf returning and the kids loved it! That morning Justin headed out for a bike ride with Brian and the kids and I went to Market Collective with Nicole, Henry and Audrey. We had a great morning wandering around and the kids made a craft and saw a goofy Santa.

We stopped at the park on the way home as they needed to burn off some energy and get some fresh air.

Little Heaven Designs top, beanie and D's dress!

Total Ryder face. 

That evening we went back to Jeff and Jolie's for a family dinner, some more snuggles and another fun visit. 

I know, she's perfect right?!

Sunday was a bit of a rough day. I think the excitement of Rosalie, the couple later than usual nights and what not caught up with the kids because they weren't on their best behaviour. We did make a trip to the mall in the morning so they could decide on a few more ideas for Santa gifts {other than a gymnastics pit from Ryder!} and I think they are set. Delainey still says a Repunzel Barbie and Ryder will be happy with anything batman or spiderman! We had planned on going to Zoo Lights after dinner but a few too many meltdowns, listening ears being misplaced, etc etc. we decided an early bedtime was what they actually needed. Delainey did not agree. ;)