Happy Wednesday!

^ Big hair color change!

Leah the founder of Love Child Organics just released her first book It All Begins with Food this week and I was lucky enough to get my hands on a copy before hand. I've been reading through it during nap time and it's plum full of information and healthy recipes for everything from baby food to baked goods. finger foods to family meals. She has some innovative ways to make healthier versions of those processed foods, delicious celebratory treat recipes plus some tips on how to keep your pantry stocked so you are ready for anything. The kids are I are already planning to make the Cheesy Little Crackers and the Overnight Strawberry Cocoa Oatmeal this weekend.
It also has really pretty photos which is an important feature to me. :) 
Available to order HERE on Amazon.ca.

Ryder also had a happy mail day when received a pair of the new "Hampton" moccs from Posh Panda. The are the cutest style yet for sure!

This made me laugh out loud when I saw this. Delainey now has a million questions before bed and they are mainly all ridiculous. "Why why why why do I have 2 light in my room?!" GO TO SLEEP!

Delainey doesn't often draw people {it's usually rainbows or coloring in words we write} but when she does they are so cute. And then Ryder had to add his mark on the far left guy. 

 Well hey there Monday. You've arrived with snow and I have a nasty sore throat. Please do better tomorrow will ya?! In the meantime - let's rewind!

Tuesday afternoon rainy walks and backyard races. And I do love 1 day work weeks thank you very much.

Wednesday Delainey had a cough and overall wasn't feeling great so we cancelled our plans and hung out at home for the most part. She's not good at laying low and relaxing so we had a busy day playing. We went to the park after naps because the sun came out and it was a beautiful day.

Thursday Delainey woke up feeling much better so we went to her last gymnastics. Justin was able to join us and we could all be on the floor with her. Ryder was thrilled! 

We were supposed to go swimming with my parents afterwards but cancelled that as Delainey was under weather the day before, so we went over to their place for lunch instead. Right before we were going to eat Ry got super upset and then was just wanting to cuddle and not eat anything.
He spent the rest of the day napping and cuddling with me even when Delainey was running the ravine and riding her bike. I didn't mind the snuggles at all but felt so bad for him. He's cutting 2 teeth and had a fever.

I went to teach Surf {Mom & Dad joined!} and thankfully after Ry got some food in his system he pepped up a bit and woke up totally fine. 

Delainey had preschool on Friday morning so Ryder, Cruz and I went for a run and then I cleaned the house while and Ryder napped. We got groceries after we picked Delainey up and then it was lunch and naps! Thankfully the kids felt better as they were having one last sleepover with Ma & Pa before they head to the lake.

 leggings Muladhara Yoga, my tee: Artee + Me, bracelet: Arae Jewelry, D's tee: Wee Wanderers

I dropped the kids off then came home and got started on my Pregnancy book for Ryder {because I'm on the ball like that!} while Justin worked on his bike. We then went for a quick dinner date to our old hangout Riverstone pub.

The kids had a fun sleepover as always and I picked them up Saturday morning to head to Jen's for Wes's 2nd birthday party. 
The kids had fun with all his toys and on the bouncy castle until it was just too chilly. Silly weather.

It was a cute milk and cookies theme and this cake tasted as good as it looks! And Jen may make the best chocolate chip cookies.

 Ryder was so cute peeking on his little girlfriend Emmy! :)

They both fell asleep on the way home but I was able to transfer Ryder and then Delainey and I played games and read books until Justin got home from his bike ride with Brian.

Afternoon walk and ready to cheer on our Oilers.

 hat: Local Laundry, all our tops: Portage and Main

After the kids were in bed we started watching 13 Reasons Why, so far I love it.

 Sunday morning Delainey and I headed out for our hair appointment with my cousin Amanda. We have the salon to ourselves when we go as it's closed on Sundays so Delainey loves having the whole salon to play in and explore. She got a good few inches cut off and it looks great.
Then we of course went for ice cream at Made by Marcus - cause that's what we do after hair cuts!
She chose this unicorn sundae that we shared and she was pretty excited about it!

We stopped by this colorful wall as I knew she'd love it and that she did!

And surprise! I went dark and also had a few inches chopped off! :) And love the change.

Mom, Dad, Nana, Jeff and Jolie came for dinner Sunday night so that was the perfect end to a great weekend.

Happy Tuesday. I was thankful for an extra day off yesterday with my 2 hooligans even if Ryder was a stage 5 clinger all afternoon and Delainey only spoke in "whine", Holy moly. Annnyways!
We had a great week and weekend - rewinding back.  
The usual park stops and ravine walks...Delainey loves "walking her dog Ryder" he plays along most of the time.

Some days were a little rainy. Note: Ryder needs an umbrella. Having to walk under your sisters is not fun.

But very cute on my end. :)

Thursday Delainey had gymnastics so Ma, Pa & Nana all came to watch.

From there the kids and I headed back to Nana's for lunch and that tricky Easter bunny made an early stop at her place while we at gymnastics. The kids were thrilled of course.

Ryder proved you can eat a chocolate with the foil on it and still enjoy it.

We played with eggs while Ryder napped. Hiding eggs might be one of her favorite activities!

bunny top: mini souls from last year

A rainy, snowy walk with lots of worms = tons of fun! Delainey was instructing Ry to pick them up and put them in a pile to make a worm family or she would pick them up and hand them to him. Good thing they love washing their hands. After every walk now we walk in the door and Ry yells "hans" and runs to the washroom!

Mom and Dad came over to have dinner with the kids so Justin could come to my Surf class again! :) I do love having him there. And then we snuck to the watering hole for appies afterwards.

Friday was a holiday and Justin was home so I went to Telara's Hot Flow class in the morning and loved it. I have said hot yoga isn't my favorite workout but I would definitely go to this class again. The kids and I got groceries after that while Justin and Brian worked on their bikes.
After naps the kids went to Ma & Pa's for a sleepover! {YAY for Ma & Pa being home from their trip.}
As always the kids had fun and did lots and lots of activities!

Justin and I went to Trolley 5 for dinner and it was delicious. It's a new-er craft brewery in Calgary so we tried a few different beers and had a great meal. I learned I do not like IPAs at all. ick.

We spotted this wall on the way home and naturally Justin just knew he was to take my photo with it. It's near our hair salon so you bet I am stopping to get a photo of Delainey with it after our appointment on Sunday. I wish it was in our backyard. :)

Saturday morning my cousin Ashley stopped by with little Sawyer so we could {finally} meet him! Mom and Dad brought the kids back then too so they could visit and Jolie & Nana came as well. He is the sweetest and I got a good snuggle in but as always can't wait until the next. Ryder was pretty cute with him too.

I had some excellent helpers to make carrot cake for our Easter dinner on Sunday.

Delainey was VERY excited that the Easter bunny arrived and was so cute telling Ryder what to do before she scurried off to find eggs.

The Easter bunny also left treasure hunt clues to find a few goodies.

She really wanted to leave the Easter bunny a treat - the aftermath. 

Delainey and I finished the carrot cake while Ryder napped.

More egg play before bath time. And then I made the mistake of letting them take these in the bath and they are no longer metallic! Whoops.

Finn + Emma jammies

I got a few photos of Ryder in his new floral outfit from a little shop in the Comox Valley - she asked if Ryder would show off a floral outfit and I think he can totally pull it off! :)

Playing with their new Boogie Boards from the Easter bunny. 

All ready for Easter dinner #2. We had a delicious dinner and family night with Ma, Pa, Auntie Jolie, Uncle Jeff and Nana. And you guessed it - another egg hunt!

I was off yesterday as well so we hit up the library for new books and probably their favorite thing is playing eye spy with this wall and just running the hallways after each other!

This outfit Delainey was wearing was hilarious. I'm pretty sure she was wearing every color and pattern. :)

We had a picnic lunch inside as it didn't warm up enough by lunch to be outside {even though Delainey insisted we try and then she lasted 3 seconds until it was too cold}! 
Thankfully by after Ryder's nap it was beautiful out. New outfits because picnics are MESSY!

^ harems: Portage and Main, top: Little + Co

Even did some biking! Justin took Ryder's seat off and put a piece of a pool noodle for a seat and it's way better for his short little legs! 

Both kids were in bed early because dinner was a gong show and Justin fell asleep on the couch not 5 minutes after that! :)