We got home from the lake on Wednesday and got right back into the swing of things here. Park hopping, walks and backyard fun. We were excited to get home to see our newly landscaped backyard and we are so happy with it. Photos just don't so it justice but as soon as Delainey saw it she said "Mommy you got to come look, it's beautiful!"
Thursday we got groceries, did a workout and then headed out to a park near us that we hadn't been to all summer.

I taught a full and super fun surf class before grabbing Blizzards for Miracle Treat Day. They went into the freezer and we enjoyed them the next day as when I get home from surf it's time for stories with the kids and bed.

{I definitely told all my surfers to meet me at DQ :) Quite a few listened!}

Friday morning we met up with Nicole and her 3 at Bowness Park for a play date. We arrived a bit early so of course Delainey asked to throw rocks.

We played at the park for a while before making the trek over to the new wading pool. {Big busy playgrounds aren't the best spot to catch up with friends I am learning because with 2 busy kids to keep an eye on I find it stressful to chat and make sure I know where both kids are.}

The wading pool is awesome. So clean and such a pretty spot right by the river. All our kids loved it!

That night we enjoyed the backyard and warm night while Justin BBQ's us dinner.

Saturday morning we headed out to meet Whit and the kids at the Millarville Market for our annual trip there. We had a great time and as always enjoyed a delicious lunch and came home with lots of fresh fruits and veggies.

That lemonade though!

While we were gone Justin finished the insulation in the garage. We then enjoyed the backyard some more. The kids love the new rocks!

Sunday morning we dropped the kids off bright and early at Gramma's and we headed to Jeff and Jolie's so we could drive to Red Deer together for Mud Hero. Mom, Dad, Wes, Steve and Lindsey were meeting us from Seba to run as well.

 We had SO much fun! A few new obstacles that last year - including a warp wall!! We all stayed together and helped each other along the way as needed and finished covered in mud and oh so happy! I could have layed out in that mud!! It's amazing. ha

Thank you to Jolie for being our photographer! :) 
Regatta weekend is so busy and so much fun and unfortunately it's over before ya know it. Except it leaves everyone ready for a nap! This year Gran was visiting which was a real treat and she was able to take in her first Regatta!
We arrived at the lake Friday afternoon so we had time to play outside before it rained a little bit!

GG brought a sweet little tea set for Delainey so she is having a tea party here with GG, Nana and Ry.

GG also treats them to a couple new books when she visits so they were reading the new books before dinner and then a hot tub!

Saturday morning starts off early with the land races! Ryder was a trooper and ran the whole way in his heat.

Delainey was a champ and took 1st place in her running race and loved every minute of it! You get a ribbon and to choose a candy for every race you go in!

Uncle Jeff is the sack race undefeated champ. Jeff is awesome and still goes in all the races!

Delainey also went in the sack race and the skipping race which blew me away but she was totally into it and it made my regatta loving heart very happy. SO excited for next year when we have Miss Baby MacPhee here to dominate the baby crawl event!!
When we were leaving she spotted this and had to try! It's a whole little obstacle course and it was really fun. Justin went with her while I went with Kaley right beside her.

Proud little racer!

Watching the trains, playing in the dirt and swimming with Uncle Jeff before heading down to the parade!

As always the parade was awesome! It seemed extra long this year and everyone was incredible creative. The kids were so pumped with the candy loot they got!

Mom and Dad were awesome AGAIN and their dance was one of my favorites! {Dad far right}

Saturday night we had a delicious turkey dinner at Nana's and then Mom, Dad, Jeff and Jolie headed to dance. Gran, myself and Justin hit the sack early. :)

Sunday morning it was Sand Castle Competition time! We are in charge of this event and it was a great year. Jolie and I judged the adult open and family event and it was SO hard! So many awesome creations.
Ryder loved digging in the sand while Delainey made a little mound with red rocks on top and came in 3rd place! 

Rachel and James arrived that afternoon for a visit and in time to watch the Kan Jam Tournament we host every year.

That night we had the Hot Dog Extravaganza at McCoys in honor of our friend Matt. We put the kids to bed after that but then woke them up just before 11pm to go watch the fire works in the boat. I definitely wasn't sure if this was a good idea or not but they went back to sleep no problem. They were a little out of it in the boat but perked up to watch them and Delainey hasn't stopped talking about the fire works since!

Monday morning was rainy unfortunately so the volleyball tourney was postponed a few hours. Delainey did GG's nail - her first time doing someones nails!

We also had fun in the puddles!

While we watched Uncle Jeff in volleyball the kids enjoyed the beach! Jeff's team "Third Times a Charm" made it into the finals AGAIN {hence the name} but unfortunately couldn't pull out a win but it was so close!

Delainey had a great idea to go swimming with Uncle Jeff and then have a hot tub after volleyball...at the last minute she decided the swim part wasn't a good idea but we held her to it with a dunk!

We were lucky enough to stay an extra couple nights so we had fun going on bike rides, boat rides, visiting with Kaley & Sydney and baby Sawyer as well as extra time with GG.

Until next year Regatta! :)