Happy Friday. We have had a really great couple of days so I'm already looking forward to the weekend! Especially since today is a grocery and cleaning kinda day. 

Today I am excited to share with you an awesome Canadian shop called Vagabond Babe

The shop owner Shannon is from beautiful Squamish, BC and is a busy  Mom to 2 kiddos - one of which is brand spankin' new!

Shannon sent Miss D her Daydreamer tee to model and I really love it. 

Popsicles & sunshine in the backyard is our new afternoon routine. We appreciate the sun cooperating on this one. 

And then she stole mine too.

Pretty proud of herself.

Learning how to share with Cruz. Most of the time she isn't allowed to share with Cruz but popsicles are an exception. She doesn't agree. Most of the time when I ask if she is going to share I get a quick NO!

Skinny girl problems. ;)

Delainey is wearing a size 2T - it's long on her which thankfully means it will fit her for quite some time. Uncle Troy and I wish it fit us!

The tee itself is super soft and the print on it is handy as I can just wipe any mess Delainey makes right off it! 

I really do love her entire shop. Her pieces are totally unisex, cheerful and remind me of summer! I would wear every item myself. Check out some of my favorites!

Delainey has put in an order for this hat. I have been looking for a babeball style hat small enough for her head!

Shannon shared big news with me this week - she will soon be in some Canadian stores!
So come June she will restocking the store with new items as well!

If you are interested in placing an order but you don't see the size/style you want in the shop just contact Shannon on etsy or at vagabondbabe{at}gmail.com - she will set up a pre-order listing for you.
PLUS you can use code FRIENDS30 to get 30% off an order of existing or pre-order items! You can use this code until the end of June so you can always wait and see what new loot she will be adding.

Be sure to check the shop out on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM @vagabondbabe
Thank you again Shannon! Can't wait to see what you have coming to your shop.

I think I mentioned this briefly on the blog before but it deserves more than a brief mentioning that's for darn certain.

Jeff and Jolie hired Whitney Cowan Photography as their wedding photographer and I could not be more excited.

There's not much I would redo about our wedding but you better believe we wish Whit was doing photography back then. Every time she posts a wedding I tell her how lucky her brides are and how jealous I am.
She just gets better and better and her weddings are just incredibly well photographed. Looking through her wedding blog posts is like being there in person at each and every wedding she shoots. I love the little details and she makes sure to sneak a photo of every single one from the most beautiful angle possible. Plus Whit's personality is JUST what anyone would want on their wedding day - easy going, sarcastic, funny but serious when she needs to be and gets the job done.
And trust me - it's not only because she's my best friend I say all this. She is just so flippin' talented.

But really - what's better than your best friend photographing your brothers destination wedding on a beautiful farm in New York. Not much. Am I right!?
I cannot wait to see her capture Jolie's beautiful flowers...

Their rings...

Jolie in her oh so stunning dress that she is just going to ROCK! }Seriously her dress is one of a kind beautiful.}

The 34 handsome guys that Jeff has standing up for him. ha ha Just kidding. He doesn't have that many but if he had his way he might! Thankfully he narrowed it down to the handsomest of the bunch. ;)

Us girls in our pretty dresses standing next to the prettiest of brides.

My studly brother in his jeans and boots {and no doubt his Billy Ray shirt underneath}!

And the two love birds themselves on what will easily be the best day of their lives.

{These last 2 are my cousin at the lake - Whit's VERY 1st wedding!}

Oh man. I am sooooo excited and thrilled that Whit is joining us for such an awesome day in June. If she couldn't shoot our wedding - this is the next best thing.

{All photos are from Whitney's website that you can check out and spend hours on HERE. Follow her on Facebook HERE for sneak peeks from all her shoots.}
Randoms already on a Tuesday oh oh! In my head I thought I had a post ready for today but not so much. So you get a bunch of wonderful randoms instead.

This woman is pretty darn inspiring if you ask me. She lost her leg after the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing and this year ran the marathon. There is a very emotional video of her crossing the finish line. Amazing.

It's National Infertility Week.

It's a week I wish didn't have to exist but I think it's important to get the word out there at the same time. 1 in 8 couples struggle to get pregnant or to sustain a pregnancy. Often they struggle in silence as many don't understand or know what a painful journey it is. We were 1 of those 8.
Thankfully I met some really great friends who unfortunately were going through the same experiences as me and were a huge source of support. I had Whit {and obviously Just} right from the get go when we weren't comfortable sharing the issues we were facing. I also have the best family and close friends who were completely supportive when we did share what we were going through. I could not be more thankful for the fertility clinic, fertility drugs and procedures.
Without it we would not have our Delainey.
Please remember those who are struggling. Be considerate, listen and be supportive.
To those fighting infertility - you are not alone! Don't ever give up hope.

At the 50th Country Music Awards on Sunday Taylor Swifts Mom presented her with the Milestone Award. You can see Andrea's heartfelt speech here.

Pretty impressive to receive at 25 years of age. I'm still so excited for her concert. Why is August so far away!?


Last week we learned that this summer my favorite Beachbody trainer Shawn T has a new 4 week program coming out called CIZE.

It's for those dance lovers out there for sure! I just laugh thinking of how awful I will be at this one but it does look fun and I SO wish I could move like that. I will leave you with this sneak peek!

It's the End of Exercize as we know it! Shaun T is back this Summer with CIZE, a 4-week dance fitness program that is so much fun, you'll forget you were working out. Seriously, even I can do these routines. #CizeItupLet everyone know CIZE is coming: www.cizeTBB.com
Posted by Carl Daikeler on Thursday, 16 April 2015