I feel incredibly lucky that I get a lot of great emails and messages from small shops and companies asking if I am interested in collaborating with them. But when I got an email inquiring about a house cleaning collaboration, I'm not going to lie, I was overly excited.
You want to clean my house?! Yes please. 

I had only had my house professionally cleaned once and that was a gift from a friend after Delainey was born - and it was a real treat let me tell you. Don't get me wrong, I really actually do love to clean and Justin is great about tag teaming the task. But I enjoy playing with my kids and helping to make the messes more, so often our house is never as clean as I personally would like it to be {especially with our beloved shedding machine Cruz}.

Insert Mad Maids.
Mad Maids is a house cleaning service that is based out of Calgary but has expanded out into surrounding areas as well as Edmonton.
They arrived at our house yesterday just after 8:00am and didn't leave until after 1:00pm.
{Spolier: My house has never been this clean!}
Mad Maids always send a 2 person team to get the job done quicker and I guarantee you we got the sweetest two staff they have. I'm pretty sure Delainey would have been happy to stay and chat with them the entire time if we hadn't been going to Nana's! She sure had a lot of questions for them and enjoyed showing them every room in the house!

Prices are a flat rate and very reasonable - check them out HERE - and there is also a list of the types of cleanings they do {routine clean, deep clean, move in/move out clean} and how detailed they are on each of those services. 
You can easily book services online and can add on any extra services you may want {windows, laundry, organizing, etc}. There is also a $10 extra fee if you have pets. You can specify when you book if you just want a 1 time cleaning or how often you want them to come. Super simple. Plus they offer 10-20% discounts for reacurring customers!

We had a DEEP CLEAN done so they pretty much cleaned everything. They cleaned things I was not expecting them to clean at all and cleaned every room top to bottom including the kids rooms & bathroom, bonus room, our room and en-suite.
They did an incredible job and their attention to detail is seriously top notch. I can honestly tell you, Justin and I didn't think the inside of our oven {& glass door} could get as clean as they got it. I have tried numerous methods to clean it and it's legit sparkling. I wish I would have known they were going to clean the oven and I would have done a before and after - as embarrassing as that would have been! Along with our shower, the fridge door...the list goes on...everything looks SO clean.

What I loved about Mad Maids:

They cleaned my house. :) Enough said. And they did an incredibly thorough job. I didn't find any areas that looked like they missed or just did an 'okay' clean. Everything was very meticulously cleaned.

They cleaned my blinds!!! That's the worst job in the world if you ask me. 

They brought all their own 100% green eco-friendly products {BUT will use yours if you want them to} I did bring up our central vacuum for them to use but they also used their fancy vacuum as well.

They sent me texts and emails to remind me that they were coming and they arrived right on time.

You can choose to be home during the service or leave the house. We were gone most of the time {as I didn't want Cruz to bug them} until the very end as they were here much longer than I expected. They did say they would send me a text when they left.

I HIGHLY recommend this company and would definitely use them again in the future.
The only thing I would say for next time is I'd ask they not move the TV's and cords when they clean around them as Justin had to reprogram everything as things got unplugged. But in the grande scheme of things this was a small inconvenience. 
 I think be specific about areas you don't want cleaned when booking as well.

They also offer gift certificates - so if you need a last minute gift idea I highly recommend the gift of a clean house! This was such a lovely treat that I will for sure have gift cards to Mad Maids on my wish lists from now on or gift them to others.

 You can use code AAJ20 for $20 off a house cleaning package of your choice. 
And make sure you pop over to my Instagram @ourlifeandtimes as I am giving away a $100 gift certificate as well as a $50 gift certificate from Mad Maids!

*Disclosure: I was provided with a house cleaning from Mad Maids free of charge. Views expressed in this post are solely mine. This post is 100% my opinion, and as always, my priority is to you, the reader, to present an unbiased, thorough review
How excited this one gets to do her advent calendars every day - first she wants to do the one my Mom made, then Cruz's and then Lego with Dad. She is also loving the Elf again this year. Even Ryder seems like checking out where she is hiding each day and then points to where she has been.

And I almost got frost bite taking off my coat for these photos.

{LookING forward}
I have 5 day left of work. And then I am off for 18 days.

{StockING stuffer idea}

Clover & Wish the sweet shop from Victoria who made Delainey's birthday crown has a huge selections of Christmas hair accessories!
The Lucky Pineapple also has all their Christmas shirt ON SALE!

These energy balls are like cookie dough and when I start, I can't stop eating them. I always switch up the recipe a little and Delainey especially loves them because they always have chocolate chips. :) I dare you to try them.

Miss D and I also made these super-easy peanut butter cookies {recipe on the kraft peanut butter jar} that have 3 ingredients.

Lastly...here's my hair. It looks lighter in this lovely "office selfie" but it's quite dark on top {Amanda did balayage where they paint the dye on so it's gradually lighter on the ends}.

 It was a busy weekend but a great one that's for sure. Rewinding back a bit this week...
Monday we celebrated the school I work at turning 10! We organized a wine and cheese for parents and staff along with a fun slide show presentation to take the families back to show them New Heights back in the day. :) We also celebrated the staff who have been with us 5+ years! Hard to believe this it my 8th year with New Heights {minus my maternity leaves!}

I interviewed some students prior to the event about what they like/think about New Heights and then we added their quotes to photos. They turned out so cute. 
It was such a great night. I am so proud of our little school and everyone in it.

It was my short week which was nice seeing as I was at school Monday night. We didn't do much all week since we cancelled our plans as the kids still weren't 100% well. I did let Ryder have 5 minutes of freedom for our walks otherwise he screams and tries to escape the entire walk.

I got out to teach Surf which was great, I had a full class and it was a sweaty one!

Friday I kept D home from preschool again which she wasn't happy about so I brought out some new games and she was super excited. This was by far her favorite and we have played it 892 times since.

I won this tee on Facebook from a little Canadian shop called Lucky Bum Clothing. They have some adorable Christmas ones but I thought this one was pretty accurate for this boy and then he gets more wear out of it. She just added some cute Mommy & Me ones too.

Definitely my wild child. :)

And my beauty.

I was making dinner and these two were going around with wipes and cleaning everything. 
My lucky day. :)

He also can climb up here and think he's pretty tricky.

Saturday morning the kids and I went to meet Whit and her 2 at the Spruce Meadows Christmas Market for our annual date. We both picked up a few great items, we saw the reindeer and had mini donuts.

When we got home I transfered Ry to his crib for his nap and Delainey wanted to make cookies.

While we were out Justin went over to Jeff and Jolie's to help install a new garage door opener and a few other projects.When he got home I headed out to Illume's Christmas party. We went to serve dinner at a beautiful senior's lodge right beside our studio. It was such a fun night. The senior were so sweet and hilarious {and some hilariously grumpy}. :) We then had dinner ourselves and I was home by 8pm!

Sunday morning we took it easy before Delainey and I headed out in the snow to go downtown for our hair appointment with Amanda. I went darker {& love it} and both Miss D and I had a few inches chopped off. Jolie had her appointment after us and she did a big hair chop and it looks amazing.

As we were leaving the salon Delainey "reminded" me that last time we had out hair done we went for ice cream. So we went for ice cream. I LOVE Made by Marcus and with it being 5 doors down from Amanda's salon makes it impossible not to go there. And my date was the cutest.

We shared the Valrhona Chocolate as Delainey wanted Chocolate "because it's Daddy's favorite". I really wanted to get Boozy Egg Nog though. ;) Next time we go though I promised we'd get a sundae because the girls next to us got sundae's and we definitely wanted one of those in our belly!

While we were away Justin and Ry had a good afternoon together as well. We walked Cruz as when we got home both boys were napping and holy moly pushing the chariot through that snowy hilly ravine is one heck of a workout. That means more ice cream for me though right?! :)