23 July 2014

{4 on Wednesday}

Delainey LOVES her food. So far there is nothing she refuses to eat and eats like a champ. We do a mix of purees and pieces of food on her plate for her to eat.
I have loved having pouches on hand for when we are out and about and Delainey LOVES them.
So when I saw some reusable pouches I just had to try them out. I bought these yummi pouches off Zulily a few weeks ago and as soon as I got them we whipped up some fruit mixtures for her.
[pear peach apple/apple blueberry kiwi]
They were super easy to fill - there is a fill line and then it's a ziploc type closure that is super tight and durable.
The tester....
Delainey approves!
They were also very easy to clean and have a screw on lid so they can be tossed into your bag or fridge if they aren't finished. I would put them in a baggie if you are putting them in your diaper bag for when you are out and about but I do that with the store bought ones too - just in case!!

I won these beautiful spoons on a giveaway on Carolyn's blog from Corinna Maggy Designs.
Aren't they fun!
Best part about them is they are engraved with Miss Delainey's name!
Such a great gift idea too!
Thank you again Corinna and Carolyn!

Delainey is obsessed with these pancakes. 
(I used water)

We had an awesome day with Lily on Monday. 
This photo just makes me so happy!! I think we will have a good baby sitter in a couple years. :)
 Like I mentioned a few posts back I really wanted to get a little water table for Delainey - well we searched high and low and everything was sold out. I kept checking kijiji and everything was SO far south it wasn't even worth it and then this gem popped up - less than 10 minutes away for $3!!! I was so pumped.
 Delainey and Lily loved it and Cruz thinks a giant water bowl is an awesome idea!
I love summer! :)
Then end.

22 July 2014

{J squared}

 While we were at the lake Jeff and Jolie asked me to take a few photos of them {where they got engaged} as they wanted some with my Dad's lake truck.
I had no idea what I was doing - ha ha. I wish I would have done a little research or sent Whit a quick text cause I had some nasty shadows on their faces which made me so sad.
BUT these 2 love doves are beautiful so it doesn't really matter. The camera loves them. And we had fun and pretended we knew what we we doing!
We started off in a field that Dad got us access to and he drove us up there in his beauty of a lake truck. 
We all love this truck.
 Then we switched it up with a quick truck and location change!!
Aren't they just the perfect models?!! 
Love these 2 so much and I just cannot wait for their wedding!

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