Today I get to share this adorable little shop called Nene and Bambino from Kelowna BC.
I LOVE accessories so it's only seems right that Delainey has started to get excited about them too.

Ivana the [ridiculously gorgeous] shop owner is a wife & mama to 2 kids and a pup! She makes adorable wooden camera toys, headbands, necklaces, pillows etc!

Ivana sent Delainey one of her colourful wooden bead necklaces and she has yet to take it off!

She honestly has added it to every outfit and I can't say I mind at all because it's really so cute and goes with everything. Maybe not her jammies but that's ok - she just loves it THAT much.

They are so simple and cute which is perfect for a toddler accessory! Plus she has so many color options and they'd make a great little gift!

You can shop and get 20% off in her shop using the code OURLIFEANDTIMES20 
Be sure to follow Nene & Bambino out on Instagram @nene.and.bambino and check my Instagram @ourlifeandtimes later today for a giveaway!

Happy Tuesday! We are even more happy because we've had an extra long weekend and extra time with Justin too as took a few days off on either side.

Looking back to last week:
On Monday we had Mom and Dad come stay with us overnight so Miss D was one happy girl.

  ^ Top Portage & Main

Jeff and Jolie came over for dinner too so we had a nice family dinner. 
Early morning ravine walk before Ma & Pa headed back to the lake - with Cruz! Cruz headed out for a few extra days with them - lucky pup.

It was a beautiful day so after we had new tires put on the truck at Costco we spent the day outside!

 ^ Top c/o Portage & Main

Wednesday we had a big ol' family trip to the eye doctor! Justin hadn't been in YEARS and it was time for Ryder's first check up and Delainey's annual one so I booked us all in. Justin still has pretty much 20/20 vision so lets hope the kids get his eyes! Thankfully mine haven't changed and the kids eyes look great.

Ry is a crawling machine now and is so quick too. He can get to me in the kitchen from our area rug in a flash is he wants to - or into trouble out of sight!

Delainey all ready for dance class on Thursday. Tutu, housecoat, gymnastics metal...she into dressing herself these days and she does pretty good most of the time. :)

Justin took Thursday off so he headed out to the mountains for a ride while we were at dance. It turned into a rainy day so Miss D and I went for a wet walk in the afternoon to look for worms.

Friday morning after breakfast we hit the road for the lake. Ryder showing off his strawberry. This kid loves food.

Coffee and my book while the kids napped and my chauffeur looked after the driving.

It was a chilly and wet weekend at the lake but we still had fun. Walking to Nana's. Pretty much took forever.

Thankfully she got a lift on the way home!

We had yummy meals, play dates with Kaley, visits with Nana, a trip to the market, thrift store and library.
As well as wet walks, puddle jumping dates, a boat ride and lots of time with Ma & Pa.

Hot chocolate with a side of marshmallows after our chilly boat ride.

Nana gave her a new brush that seemed to work great all weekend when it wasn't ME having to brush her hair. She also loved doing Ma's hair. When Ma is around MA does everything.

I finished my book on the way home for Brie's book club - my book still hasn't even arrived in the mail from Book Depository {don't order from them} so thank you to Leigh for lending me yours..

 ^ slippers c/o Parker & Posie

Her outfit got better and better as the weekend progressed! :)

So did my hair. :)

 Cruz is sleeping sitting up in the back. Ha. The kids were rockstars traveling.

Monday night when we got home we had a late birthday dinner for Justin at Debbie's with Crystal, Troy and the kids. Ryder had his first taste of Chicken Casserole and by taste I mean a big bowl! He agrees with the rest of us that it is delicious!

Justin took today off too so we took the kids to Vecova to swim. We had a blast and the kids loved it. We hopefully have a photo to prove it but my phone is living is a pool of rice right now because someone {cough Justin cough} dropped my phone in the pool while taking said photo. Womp. Thank god it was him that dropped it not me. ;)