Happy Friday! I am thrilled today to share with you this incredible CANADIAN company.
I am seriously adding every item in the shop to my wish list.
Encircled creates versatile women's clothing that is designed for travel and life. It is all made from luxurious soft and eco-conscious fabrics and materials. All sewn in Toronto, Canada! Kristi is the beautiful "fashionpreneur" behind all Encircled designs and you will see her rocking all her pieces if you check out the website or instagram.

All of the pieces are so well thought out and can be worn in SO many different ways - perfect for travelling or getting a great bang for your buck! They are all comfy yet super stylish and are flattering on so many different body types.
The evolve top can be worn in 8 different ways!

As can the Chameleon Maxi

{I know what I'm buying with birthday money! This is such a cool piece and perfect for nursing a new babe too! You must watch the video on their site that shows you all the cool things the Chrysalis Cardi can be!}

 Encircled sent me a pair of "The Dressy Sweatpant" in Slate Grey and I honestly think they are incredible. Kristi challenged to create different outfits with these pants and it was easy peasy - even while 25 weeks pregnant. I also have another post planned for some "back to work" outfits with these pants but needed to give my handsome photographer a break so stay tuned for that is {gasp} a couple weeks! ;)

These pants can be worn full length or pulled up as crops as the bottoms have pretty rushing on the sides. They are made of light weight, SUPER soft Modal fabric with a wee bit of spandex. They do not stretch out of shape by the end of the day and are pretty much always wrinkle free which is a huge bonus in my world.

The beauty of these pants is they can be worn all weekend long {did that!} but then can also be dressed up and worn to the office or out for dinner.
They come in the slate grey or black and in size small through x-large. I am wearing a small {they have a fun little quiz on their site to help you pick what size to order}.
PS. Thank you Encircled Customer Service {Brittany!} for being so patient with me and letting me return the medium I originally requested for a small. ;) Listen to the quiz it's accurate even when preggo!

I've worn these pants 3 ways since receiving them...

Sunday morning errands:

^ our tops c/o Sage & Sky Threads

Girls dinner {which I ended up having on to bail on last minute because of an icky tummy - boo}:

Pregnant Mom hanging out at home:

They have pockets too! Love that feature.

^ top Hello Apparel

I rolled the waist band down once to wear these under my belly.

There is also an invisible hidden zipper pocket in the back waist band. Perfect for a credit card, key, hair band, etc.

Aren't they so fun!?

Be sure to check out all their unique and versatile pieces in the shop along with all the color options. Follow on:

Thank you again Encircled!
I've seen many "day in the life" posts lately so I thought I would do my own twist on it by taking a photo every hour for the day. Nothing exciting about this day though but it's our life and that's what I love about it.
Delainey was 21.5 months.
Date: Friday, July 24, 2015

6am: Cutest Alarm Clock ever.
{Monkey broke off her soother. Thankfully she didn't seem to care and I told her now she can cuddle monkey and she's been fine with just the "broken" soother. J & I talked about this being a good time to get rid of it entirely BUT I want her to have the soother in s couple weeks when we transition her to her big girl bed. ;)}

7am: Walk #1 with Cruz.

8am: We leave the house to drop Delainey off with Gramma Debbie and I have my 1st appointment with the new doctors.

10am: Waiting for the nurse for my consult before meeting my new doctor.

Reading material. :)

 11am: Quick stop at Micheals for fabric dye for a crib skirt and the dollar store for 2nd birthday party prep. Say what!!?

12pm: Waiting for lunch is SO hard. Even with a snack. 

Mood changes a little when it's served!!

1pm: Nap time project for me. Downtime for Cruz.

2pm: She awake!

3pm: Cruz's 2nd walk.

With a quick playground trip until I can't take the neighborhood kid any longer.
I have A LOT of patience but this boy needs some manners and parental supervision. 

4pm: Workout time.

5pm: Dad is BBQing dinner and we water the plants. Or our toes.

6pm: We watch Dad mow the lawn in our backwards house coat.

Mark on her cheek was from a workout injury - she is stronger than she thought and bopped herself in the cheek with her 3lb weight. She was NOT happy about it. She's given up lifting weights since.

 7pm: Bed time for Miss D & ice cream for us.

8pm: Looks the same as above minus the ice cream.
9pm: We get into bed. Sometimes we watch a show together - sometimes J just watches one of his ridiculous shows and I go to bed. ;)

Delainey has become a big reader. 

She loves sitting with us while we read ALL her books but also sits by herself and reads them all out loud as well. I am SO glad she loves books. I remember being so sad that she was too busy to sit and read with me but thankfully she has grown into loving it. 
Our morning routine is sitting on the couch - her with her yogurt drink, me with my coffee and we read book after book before breakfast and taking Cruz. She is so cute when she reads herself too - you can tell she listens when we read cause she will make the same noises we make or point to the things we point to.

Needless to say - We have piles of books all over the house and right now I am so thankful for board books because she isn't a delicate page turner just yet even though she is getting better! 
Becky did a post like this and it gave me some ideas for new books so I thought I would do the same. Plus I've been thinking we need some new books because even though we have a ton - I personally need new ones to read to her! I pretty much know all the following books off by heart and we have a rule that we will only read the book once a day now! There are a few we would read on repeat and then those get sent to Gramma & Grandpa's house!

Favorite books that live in our room:

Favorite bed time books:

Favorite main floor books:

There are a few favorites missing but they often make the trek to the basement too for workout time.

Book authors are that we loves are: Nancy Tillman, Eric Carle, Caroline Jayne Church, Susan Boynton & Mem Fox

What's your favorite book for kids?