Happy Friday! I am on my way out to the lake today - just me and the girls! We are super exited to spend a few days out there with Mom and Dad. We will head home early next week sometime.
But today I am excited to share with you one of my favorite shops: Crowns and Coroknits
You may remember me sharing this shop months ago... 

 {Skirt & Headband - both similar}

 ....and since then we have been lucky enough to be brand reps for this awesome shop. This shop is based out of Edmonton, Alberta - my home town - which makes me love it a little more. Plus their products are seriously incredible quality, unique and the shop owner is so awesome. The leggings and skirts are thick material and last. The tops {& bottoms} wash amazingly well and the prints do not fade and the items don't shrink or change shape.

We got home from NY to a surprise package from them and it was such a nice treat!

I adore these camo moccs! I have wanted pair for Miss D for quite some time because they are an awesome neutral in my mind - they go with everything. D is wearing a size 6 - 5.25"

Aqua moccs & antler leggings (all bottoms here)

Delainey is exploring in size 18 month leggings and size 6 moccs.

I love how tough both of these items are, I am never worries Delainey is going to ruin them by playing outdoors. I also love that they are both unisex! :)

She also sent a cute tee that isn't listed in the shop yet which is maybe why Delainey refused photos in it. ;) You can't win em' all!

We also have this tee:

And this is probably my favorite item from them. It's light weight so perfect to throw on when the evenings get chilly in the summer. And the print is too cute for her mountain loving Dad.

As well as these mountain Leggings  but in aqua.
Like I said we LOVE this shop!

Now to celebrate the weekend....
Pop on over to my Instagram {ourlifeandtimes} to WIN a pair of the aqua moccs!!
Or be sure to head over to the shop sometime this week and shop using the code LIFETIMES to get 20% off your order!!
Thanks as always Trish!
Having my last day of work until August 17!

I took a photo just like this on my last day before summer when I was pregnant with D!

Best buys:

^ I've been wanting to find some Hunters for Delainey to grow into and wanted shiny ones for her like mine BUT when we learned this babe was a boy I decided the matte would be better cause then he could wear them afterwards. Found these brand new ones on Kijiji for $20 - then the seller messaged me cause she had the size posted wrong so gave them to me for $10!

I also bought another hiking backpack for Baby #2 [similar to ours] off Kijiji also for next summer for $20.
Both of these items were within 5 minutes of my work too, I refuse to go far!


^ Thank you neighbors for growing pretty flowers that I cut over the fence and enjoy.


Happy place:


^ I LOVE her piggy tails in the shadow!

Most exciting news:

^ They finally paved the hill in our ravine after MANY requests to city from Justin.


^ When I checked on Delainey yesterday morning {as she slept past her usual wake up time} I saw this. She obviously found her hat on top of her stuffies sometime in the morning, put it on and went back to sleep. She was really mad at me at bed time that I made her take it off to go to bed. Obsessed.


^ This video is SO Delainey's personality. I thought she was going over to dump water on Cruz again who had moved to my right and she quickly changed her mind and got me!!

^This video shows just how excited Delainey gets for her bike videos. This is her ultimate favorite one. Clearly.

{I am posting a week behind - I am 22 weeks now}

How far along: 
21 weeks

Hearing this little guys heartbeat while at our appointment on Wednesday.
I also got a Doppler in the mail to review so I am really excited to give that a try at home.

So so. I have better days and times of the day than others so I can't complain. The headaches are a pain in this heat.

Icky & Loving:
No aversions.
I make my own version of the Passion Tea Lemonade from Starbucks so that is a nice treat at home on a hot day {3 bags of passion tea steeped in a juice jug then add 1 can of lemonade concentrate} It's not sweet but it's delicious.
Loving blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, nectarines and ice cream. All together is just perfection.

What I'm wearing:

^ tee Hip Little Babes - this is her new dark grey and gold one!

4 plus a hike and daily walks with Cruzie. Still loving the 21 Day Fix and Fix Extreme but I did do one of my pregnancy DVDs cause I wanted a good ab workout before our beach day. ha ha

What I'm looking forward to: 
Starting some projects for the nursery.
More baby name talk.

Best moment of the week:
Justin felt him kick for the first time Sunday morning while I was still sleeping and little man was doing his kicks and jabs.
Being on HOLIDAYS as of today until August 17th.