We had a busy week and great weekend. Let's see if I remember what we were up to...
Monday we had plans to hit up the zoo with Crystal and the kids but it was rainy so they came over for a play date and Crystal brought us coffees so everyone was happy! Well except Nixon appears to not like me taking a photo.

Tuesday we got groceries, ran the ravine a couple times, worked out and my parents and Nana came for dinner.

I told Delainey when we first saw a crokus that Great Gran loves flowers and now we always have to look for the purple flowers and she says every time "GG yikes the puple flowers".

Wednesday Ryder had his 6 months check up so we played at the playground in Riley Park afterwards - it's a lot of fun. Until Delainey spotted the outdoor pool and cried endlessly that it was closed. She kept saying "I'm just so sad it's closed". 

We played bubbles in the backyard for a LONG time. Both kids loved it - Ryder watched intently and Delainey chased bubble after bubble.

Thursday we had Intellidance and then more ravine runs and flower watching. We had a big talk about bees vs ants. She loves insects and will touch ants and spiders no problem.

Friday we met up with Leigh {Amelia}, Brie {Sully} & Nicole {Audrey & Leo} for a zoo date. It was a little chilly but we saw lots of animals, the kids had fun and us girls had a change to chat too.

I finished Gamma T25 that afternoon and then we had baths and waited for Daddy to get home!

Saturday morning Justin dropped Delainey & Cruz off at Cystal and Troy's as they were spending the night with them as we had a wedding in Edmonton.
Ryder tagged along and was an awesome traveler - slept almost the whole way. After getting slightly lost we went to Steve & Lindsey's to quickly eat, feed Ryder and get changed for the wedding.

Ryder screamed his face off the entire way to the church {sorry Auntie Jolie who shared the backseat with him!} but thankfully was pretty good during the ceremony.

He fell asleep as soon as we buckled him in his car seat afterwards and had a short nap before I fed him and we dropped him off at our family friends place where he spent the evening.

Funny story: I asked Justin to take this photo of us and said please get my shoes in the photo - he is known for cutting my off at the ankles. And still - this is what I get. ha ha He is blaming my phone. ;)

The reception was at the Edmonton Coutnry Club - very nice and a lovely view.

Sistas! {Justin proved himself with this one}

Family shot!

Candy buffet and red wine. Perfect combo!

Neil & MC - they both looked amazing and SO happy!

 It was a great reception and super fun wedding. The band was amazing. I did get to dance a little but then we headed out to pick up Ryder around 10. I'm sad I missed out on Jolie singing and the poutine midnight snack though! And of course some more time with the family! 
Ryder had a good night too! After a walk in the river valley he took half a bottle after eating his dinner and went to bed well for Marlene! Thank goodness. And then after having a little chat with Nana in the backseat slept until we got to the lake for bed time!

He was awake at 5:15am though...lucky me!

We had breakfast with Mom and Dad before Justin helped them put hoists in and then we hit the road to go pick up Delainey. I sure missed her!

Delainey had a great weekend too - playgrounds, the zoo and her cousins!

Ryder was patiently waiting for his sister to come home to play!

Justin power washed the deck and all our outdoor furniture so now we are ready for summer out there! Delainey helped me with another step to my window pane. Eventually I will get this done!

The afternoon was entirely spent outside and then Justin BBQd us some wings for dinner. We had some races after dinner and it was very clear it was bed time!!

Harems are from Portage and Main - shirts are from Tribe is Alive
I think I start these recaps the same every month. How can my BABY be another month older and really falling out of that baby category already. I can't believe it's been 6 months since this handsome smiley guy joined our family. He is getting to be so so fun and funny. He is SO close to being on the move, he wants to crawl so bad. And thinks Delainey is the funniest thing ever. One of my favorite things is when Delainey gets him laughing and then they are both laughing. Best sound ever.

14lbs 3 oz

Bow tie c/o Will&Co, Shirt: Baby Gap, Leggings: A Little Moore Shop, Moccs c/o Posh Panda

26 inches

Hmmmm what to say here. He is a pretty good napper! :) When he's tired he gets fussy and then I just put him in his crib and he falls asleep. He always falls asleep in the truck.
Night time he's been a stinker for sure. He is up either twice or many times. We are at the point of letting him cry but he's relentless {he screamed for an hour and a half last night} and then I end up caving cause I am exhausted or feel bad for Delainey and Justin. Our doctor reassured me he doesn't need to eat during the night and he said I just need to put my "tough Mom uniform" on for a couple days...working on finding that outfit.
He is still swaddled but busts out of that real quick and I often find him on his side or tummy so I think I will stop swaddling him soon.

He is still nursing every 3 hours during the day. For the most part he is a really quick eater but is easily distracted now. I feel like he never really gets a full feed because he can't focus long enough and wants to be watching what Delainey is doing. Still is too cool for a bottle most times.

He has been eating for the last month now. Our doctor recommended we start food at 5 months if he was interested and oh he sure was. He has had oatmeal, avocado, bananas, apples, hummus & sweet potato. Along with the baby rice crackers and some Love Child Organics purees {Super Blends and Simple Firsts}. He will put anything in his mouth real quick too and has tastes of many things because of this! 

{diaper size}
We moved him up to a size 2 (Kirkland brand). No more baby poops either because he is eating solids which means no more crazy blow outs! Win.

He is wearing 0-3 shorts! Everything else he is growing out of all his 3-6 months clothes and even some 6 month rompers and jammies as they are too short. 6-12 is pretty much fitting other than in the waist in pants.

{hair color}
Brown. I feel like it's getting a little lighter and looks much better after his hair cut {these photos were all pre-hair cut!}

{eye color}
SO blue.

LOVES food. You pull out his mesh feeder and he does the happy dance. Will try and put anything food related that is in hands reach in his mouth and he is quick.
Watching Delainey. Trying to get Cruz.
Walks. Being outside and sitting in the grass.
Playing with toys.
Jumping. This kids loves the Jumperoo and Jolly Jumper.
Watching bike videos or hockey with Dad
The swing.
Splashing in the bath or water table. Bubbles.

Being tired or hungry.
When I don't go get him in the middle of the night fast enough.
Getting stuck on his hands and knees or belly.
Taking a bottle. Most of the time. 

{nick names}
Delainey calls him Ry or Buddy
Ry guy, Dude, Monkey, Love, Bud.

{moments to remember}
Sits like a pro. Mainly only falls down when he is reaching for something.
Had his first bleeding nose. He face planted into the shag rug reaching for a toy.
He gets on his hands and knees and rocks.
Can pull himself to his knees and standing.
We had to lower the crib mattress cause he can pull himself up in there {we didn't do this until 8 months with Delainey}!
Started on solids.
Drools like crazy!

We love you so much Ryder Keith.