6 years ago a sweet dog was born on a farm. 
Who knew we could find a dog on kijiji that was the absolute most perfect fit for our family.

She is the sweetest, most loving girl. Gives the best and biggest kisses. Loves cuddling on the bed even if she only gives you her bum end. 

More patient with Delainey than I ever thought possible. Shares my love for ice cream, the lake and is obsessed with bananas. 

We love you Cruzie. Despite all the hair and mess you make - you are easily my favorite 4 legged blond and I couldn't imagine life without you. 
Happy Birthday bubs. 
Happy Thursday :) Today I have a shop that I think is pretty darn genius called Sew Hip Designs.

 Kate is from beautiful Victoria, BC {I LOVE it out there!} and is a Momma to 2 awesome boys. When they sleep - she sews! Her shop is pretty brand new but she has been sewing since she was 10 years old and is adding new items all the time!

Kate makes very unique "Grow with me" items and I think they are just the best idea ever.
 In her shop she has:
As well as Hoodies

Her items are made of ultra soft medium weight organic cotton. The ankle and waistband cuffs fold and unfold as your child grows. One pair fits 12 months to 4T!!
She also makes ones that fit 3 months to 12 months! Perfect for my tall skinny girl!

{These leggings work perfectly for babywearing, simply roll down the cuff to bridge "the gap" that inevitably happens when babywearing with regular pants.}

They will keep your child warm in the cool months and keeping the sun off your child's legs in the warmer months.

Kate sent Delainey a pair of her daisy leggings and we just love them - the color, the print and the whole idea behind them!

top is c/o Vagabond Babe

 {you can tell she is teething - cannot get her fingers out of her mouth!}

Typical cheeky Delainey...

moccs c/o First Prints

top c/o Stellar Seven

Love these little tags she has when you have the pants folded down.

Delainey's pants fit her well - they are a wee bit big in the waist but Kate has tweeked her pattern since to make the waist a bit smaller. :)

Kate does a ton of custom orders so if there is a print you see but you want it in shorts instead of leggings or vice versa just chat with her! She has some really great prints!

Use the code OURLIFE15 to get 15% off your order this Saturday & Sunday!

Be sure to follow on:
9  - number of days until we get to see this sweet babe again AND find out if we will have a household of girls or if Justin will no longer be quite so outnumbered!

15 - number of days until we hop on a place to NYC!

17 - number of days until Jeff and Jolie say I do!

9 - number of work days I have left until summer...amazing.

47 - number of days I have off this summer. Yes I counted.
{Delainey looks like a baby last summer!}

100 - the number of dollars I would give someone to clean all my blinds and baseboards.
By the way I am totally doing this.

4 - the average number of times I get up in the night to go to the washroom.

157 - approximate number of days until we meet Baby Black #2!!! That's nuts.

1 - number of hours until we finally get to catch up with Whit and the kids at the zoo. 

7 - numbers of us at girls dinner last night! We all made it which was so awesome. Such a fun and oh so delicious night. Even if I couldn't cash in on 1/2 price bottles of wine. 

4 - approximate number of hours until our new mattress arrives. We are a little overly excited about it. Plus it was 55% off!