Happy Friday! I am so looking forward to this weekend. We have had a low key week with a house full of runny or stuffed noses. 3 to be exact. Justin so far has been spared the tissue fest. And can I just say wiping Ryder's nose is like a circus feat! Seriously. Anyways to kick off the weekend I have an awesome shop to share - plus it involves a coupon code for shopping and a giveaway! Double whammy. ;)
Esther & Lori are the busy Mom's behind this shop: mon bébé apparel

All items are designed and handmade in beautiful British Columbia with non-toxic ink. They are adorable for both babies and toddlers and all in french! Why? Because they love everything that is french. The food, the cultures, the fashion, the wine {I added that one!} ;) Plus it makes this high quality clothing line for kiddos totally unique and I like that. oui oui.

Esther and Lori sent the kids each an item and we just love them.

^ See! :)

Ryder is wearing a 6-12 month mon bébé onesie {check out the size chart HERE}.

They have been worn and washed a ton and come out looking brand new.

Delainey is wearing a 2T in their mademoiselle tee in grey {also comes in white}.
I love that it's a v-neck - totally unique from so many other kids tees out there and Delainey always puts it on because it's her "bow" shirt.

Busy twirling! 

^ bow is c/o Lovies & Locks

This shop carries items that would be perfect for gifts as well as special photo shoots for Mother's Day or Father's Day using their j'adore mama or j'adore papa shirts. I also adore the monsieur tees - would be so cute for twinning brother and sister photos. ;) My mind always goes there yes.

Now you can shop over at mon bébé apparel and get 15% using the code OURLIFE15 until July 2nd!
Also be sure to check out my Instagram {@ourlifeandtimes} right now for a chance to WIN a onesie or tee of your choice!

Be sure to follow them on Facebook as well as Instagram.

Thank you again ladies! 

It's been a while since I have done one of these posts and my "note" in my phone that I keep was getting long so it's time. I wish I would write down more because she cracks me up all day long.

Me: Alright Miss which shoes are you going to wear.
D: Not shoes Mommy, I wear sandals.
Me: Ok then which sandals are you going to wear?
D: No so many questions Mommy, it's too much for me.


{She has a thing with checking out Ry's poop when I change his diaper. I don't know.}
So I was changing his diaper and D peeked in and said "OH WOW. That's a good one. Good job Buddy I so proud of you"


Ryder was crying and being fussy at my feet while I was trying to get lunch and Delainey came over and said, "Dat's enough Ry you need a time out?"


D and I were playing outside while Ryder napped and she patted my head and said "I so happy you here wit me"


"Dat's a bad choice Ry" after he dumped Cruz's water bowl.


I told Delainey we would go get groceries and get more fruit bars that she asked for and she replied "Oh tank you Mommy you such a nice lady"


"I love you so much Mommy. And I love Daddy so much too"


We were going upstairs for nap time and gathering all her friends, she was carrying Kitty Kat and instructed me to pick up her others friends.
Me: No it's your job to carry them up if you want them upstairs I am carrying Ryder.
D: My hands are too full Mommy it's just too much work. I give you my job.


She started heading upstairs and then came back and said "I be right back Mommy don't worry bout it. Right back quick sec"


We had come home to Cruz had emptied the laundry room garbage. I obviously told her she was a bad girl because we then went out later in the dayfor our walk and saw the neighbor who pet Cruz and D said "Cruz is a berry berry bad girl"


She is obsessed with spotting buses and city buses and one day when we were out I told her that when she got to be a big girl she would go on a school bus and she replied with "Mommmmmy you so silly. D already big girl. Ry da baby"


Me: What are you doing putting all the book under the couch?
D: It's no important Mommy.


We were in the car and I was chatting away to Delainey about something and all of a sudden she said "Mommy stop talking. I just want quiet time"


We were painting Justin's Father's Day card and D said "Yeah I paint Daddy "pit"cher for special day cause Daddy so special. Daddy have lots of birthday too"


Me: No you need to get back into bed. You haven't even closed your eyes yet for a nap.
D: Yes I do Mommy. I close eye and so zzz zzz zzz zzz and now I no tired.


Mommy no walk so fast my feet so small and yours so big it's so hard for me.

I love when Mother Natures decides almost every day is shorts weather that's why today I am thrilled to share this new shop with you called Curious Kenneth from beautiful Vancouver, BC.
Kim the owner, operator, sewer and sweet Mom behind this shop has great taste in prints, styles and details. Her love for sewing really show in her products. She carries a wide range products not just her incredibly adorable shorts she also makes leggingstops, harems and accessories.

She sent Delainey and Ryder each a pair of shorts to show off - along with a cute headband for Miss D that matches her {favorite} new shorts.

I love the branding. And his cute whale bum.

The shorts are made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton with eco-friendly water based dyes.

I love this whale fabric. It almost looks like they are painted in water color. Just so cute.

Ryder is wearing 6-12 months and they fit him really well with some room to grow but I love the fit on him - see sizing guide HERE.

Delainey chooses to wear these shorts A LOT! She's a real strawberry lover these days so I knew I made the right pick choosing these for her. They are so cute and cheery - just perfect for summer.

Delainey is wearing 2T-3T and they fit her great with again some room in the waist {my kids are both long and skinny waisted}.

Her fabrics are so soft and thick and the shorts are incredibly well made.
The Sharkies, West Coast Mountains & Watermelons are my new favorites. Be sure to go check her out.

Thank you again Kim!