Ok LAST installment of our newborn family photos. Up next is the nursery! :)
I love these photos {are you tired of me saying that yet!?} as they are just us at home, nothing super staged and they were so easy and stress free. I was so thankful everyone cooperated for these and it only required a few fuzzy peaches for Delainey. 

But don't kid yourself it was ALL Whit working her magic. She could get a good shot in a thunder storm. Over and over I have said it - but thank you Whit. Not only do I throw at her a husband who doesn't like having his photo taken - add in a newborn, plus a toddler but then I insist on Cruz being in all our photos too and Whit doesn't flinch - she ALWAYS get incredible photos. 
We so appreciate YOU and love you.

{Mommy & Ryder}

Whit took a photo just like ^ during our newborn shoot with Delainey. Amazing.

{The kids}

{Mommy, Daddy & Ry}

{Daddy & Ryder}

{The Family}
Oh goodness do I LOVE these people.

I LOVE this photo! It's very typical Justin and Miss D. And Halloween of course. :)

I figured I better get going on posting these - Ryder is 4 weeks tomorrow! That's just crazy.
Whit came over when Ryder was 5 days old to take these and some family shots for us and as expected I just love them.
The brand new squishy baby stage is so short and already I feel like Ryder is losing that newborn look. He's still a wee peanut but just looking at these photos he looks so tiny to me back then. I love that Whit captured all his little features, hands and toes. My favorite.
For being a sleepy baby he sure was awake a lot during the time Whit was here but I love that we also got some beautiful shots of his big blue eyes! 
I'm sharing just the images of Ryder alone today and will share the family ones tomorrow. :)

knit wrap c/o Tiny Tot Prop Shop

Clearly I had a hard time narrowing it down to a few I love but I honestly only posted about half! Thank you again Auntie Whit - we adore these so much and you really are SO darn talented. xo