Happy Friday! :) Hope everyone has had a good week. I'm ready for this smoke from the forest fires to clear - it's really cramping our plans. I had a lady stop us in her car while we were on our walk yesterday  - wearing a hospital mask I must add - telling me I was putting my family at risk by being outside. Ok lady it's a walk. But really - I feel for those closer to the fires for sure as it's really bad out there today. :(

I'm in disbelief that Miss D is 23 months {in 2 days} - next month she will be TWO!

Every new month is my favorite with her! We had the BEST summer. She just has fun with whatever we do which makes our days exciting no matter what. This I am so thankful for because there were more days this summer than I had hoped that I just didn't feel well enough to go out and do tons of things but she was SO happy just playing together in our backyard, exploring new parks, crafts and activities at home and doing the outings we did do.
Even with the toddler melt downs thrown in there we had a blast. She bounces back quickly and never stays grumpy too long! :)

{weight & length}
22lbs - finally broke the 20lb mark! She weighs as much as I have gained so far this pregnancy! ha

33 inches

When is she not eating?! She loves food. Loves BBQ'd meat, potatoes, corn on the cob, smoothies, yogurt drinks, cheese, berries, nectarines, grapes, oranges, ice cream, popsicles, bread, buns, nuts&bolts, anything Justin is eating...she really isn't picky.

She has 12 teeth. She is getting her canines right now but they are sneaky little buggers - in and out constantly. They bother her from time to time but so far nothing too horrible.

Bikes videos. Music. Dancing.
Playing outside, her water table, slides.

Running around the house. Especially if Cruz or Dad chases her.
Reading books. Looking at videos and photos on our phone.
Letting Cruz out of her kennel in the morning.
Puzzles & coloring. {When we were at Dollarama one day last week a sweet older lady who was in there gave Delainey a $5 bill to buy the books she was sitting on the floor reading. So she got 2 "Elsa" books and also picked an Elsa coloring book. So sweet.}
The lake. Trains. The pier. Boat rides.
The zoo.
 She's totally into fashion. ;) Slippers in my wedges with her leggings hiked up. She loves to walk around in shoes left at the back door.
Baking. Even when chocolate chips aren't involved!
Taylor Swift. ;) As soon as we get in the truck she says "Tay?" and then after each song says "more?". No idea how this happened. ;)

Waiting. Her patience is non-existent! Holy smokes my patience has been tested this week!
No snack time.
The word no in general.
Hands being dirty.
Having her hair washed. By me.
Having her teeth brushed. By me. She is a pro with Justin! And loves her spider-man electric toothbrush she picked out!

{big sister role}
As I mentioned she has done SO well in her big girl bed. We could not be more proud. I also LOVE being able to snuggle with her in there after her naps!

She 'kinda sorta' is interested in the potty. She likes to sit on it after I go to the washroom but I think she likes the idea of pulling up the stool and putting her seat on the toilet more than anything. But we take off the diaper - she sits for 2 seconds and then she says "All done, good job D!!".
No you stinker. Not good job you didn't do anything! :) And then she likes to pull the stool over to wash her hands with "more soap". :) So not sure when we will do a weekend {+++} of potty training yet.

She's a chatter box. She strings 3-4 words together a lot now and is a little parrot. She still talks a lot of chinese or her own language but thankfully she can request more and more these days and we understand a lot more.

{what's new}
- Wears size 3 Kirkland or Huggies diapers.
- Mainly wearing 12-18m and 2T clothing depending on the brand or piece of clothing. Wears size 5 shoes but some are 4 or 6. ;)
- Sleep from 7:00pm- somewhere between 6:00-7:00am.
- She still naps in the morning and afternoon for 45min to 2 hours. She can easily skip her morning nap if we are out doing something but when she goes to Gramma's or we are just at home she takes it.
- We are so thankful she has been such a healthy girl.
- She is such a goofy girl and she knows it. We love you so much Miss D!
{I am posting a week behind - I am 30 weeks now}

How far along: 
29 weeks!

Tank c/o Peanut in my belly 
PS. Kaylyn - I am wearing a large - and thank goodness she recommended this because the belly already plays peek-a-boo from under the bottom!

Same dress. Same week. Different baby! And a much bigger baby this time it appears.

 I had a doctors appointment on Friday and all was great. I passed my gestational diabetes test but my blood work did show that I am borderline anemic so she just wants me to up my iron intake. I saw a doctor who was new to the team from my last pregnancy and she was awesome. She was really positive when talking about my hopes for a VBAC and when she checked position {he's head down right now - so they say!} she mentioned they should do a few extra ultrasounds for my piece of mind this time around. ;) I go back every 2 weeks now.

I found a matching crib sheet and change pad cover that both Justin and I love and it's just what I had in mind. Simple but goes with the theme.

About the same. In the evenings my lower back is sore/tired and overall I am just feeling big!

What I'm wearing:

5 plus Cruz walks!

What I'm looking forward to: 
More progress on the nursery. I am itching to get in there!

Best moment of the week:
-  Flowers from Justin just because and girls dinner in the same day!

- I FINALLY got the doppler working that I was sent to review...Yes 10 weeks later.
I will say EVERYTHING should come up with an instruction manual. You can't always reply on an app.
So I mainly blame the companies customer service for not being supportive but once I did figured it out {on my own - little help from them} I felt awfully silly but there were a number of things I was doing wrong. So I blame that on pregnancy/mommy brain AND the little blond I have in my hair. BUT had I had instructions it would not have been a problem. Clearly it is not user friendly!

The highlight is that as soon as I got it working I found his little heartbeat in no time and it was nothing short of amazing as usual. And then he got PO'd and was kicking the doppler like crazy. Love his little feisty self already. Delainey LOVES listening to the video on my phone even though I am certain she has no clue what it is! And it's cool that it saves the video to my phone right away and I can email it to family. I will do a review soon despite my issues with getting it work. ;)
I will say - last pregnancy when I had the anterior placenta I was SO thankful to have borrowed a doppler because I rarely felt movement like the craziness I am experiencing now. So I worried a lot last time. This time around - he doesn't let me worry AT ALL. He has put on some pretty intense shows lately too - he's one crazy ninja in there.

Justin out takes:

{1} Good marketing Pepperidge Farms. Goldfish Mac&Cheese.
I totally bought it and the toddler thought it was the coolest thing ever.
Mom win.

{2} Delainey LOVES smoothies so they make for a simple lunch or snack. Poor girl had her first brain freeze on Saturday though. Justin and I agreed it was the saddest and cutest thing ever.

{3} I was SO excited to pick Cruz up after work yesterday. We had the car so she sat right next to Delainey on the drive home and over and over Delainey said "Mom CRUZ" just making sure I knew Cruz was right beside her. Then she got 2 new Chatbooks in the mail so her day was made. Cuddle time with Cruz catching up on photos.

{4} Last night Delainey and I went to celebrate one of my girlfriends Nicole and her {finally} fiance Rob. After 15 years together they are eloping in a couple weeks! So as sad as we ALL are that we won't be at the wedding we had to plan a few celebrations in their honor. We managed to squeeze this one in before they leave. We also got to see the new house they build together - they did SO much of the building and finishing just the 2 of them and it's nothing short of amazingly beautiful.
PS. Selfie sticks are the coolest. ;)

I have to say Delainey had a blast being the only kid there and was SO good seeing as the party started at her bedtime! Snacks, a special non-alcoholic drink that she thought was made for her, 5 Aunties to read to you and cat search with {she called the cat Junie all night} and the most delicious cake {that I have possibly ever eaten} made it pretty easy.

 {5} I made this appetizer for the party with a recipe and ingredients that Gran brought for us when she came to visit and it was a HUGE hit. Everyone wanted the recipe.

Note: I only layered everything once because I didn't read the instructions thoroughly and I spread all the cheese out right from the get go. Whoops.
 I didn't use olives - because they are gross. ;)

Served with Rainforest Crackers.

{6} Lastly but most importantly - a HUGE Happy Birthday to my sweet niece Emerson who turns 5 today!

We have loved watching you grow into the sweet, insanely smart and silly girl that you are today.

We love you!!