18 September 2014


thankful that today was my 2 day work week. I can't even say how much I love 5 days with my girls. So thankful this was possible for us.

how crazy it is that just over 1 year ago we were having these photos taken.

that the weather tonight stays like it is right now. We rescheduled our family photos to tonight from last Thursday so they weren't in the snowy mess. Our original spot is now under construction because of all the trees that were taken down by the snow too. Shoot.

for Delainey to nap for me (ha) and then we need to take Cruz to the vet for her 1 year check up.
She can't wait!

that the 21 day fix is the special for September! I am back on the workout train and decided my plan is 21 day fix to start me off and then back on to my beloved T25!

these outfits

nothing at the moment but I'll be starting on 18 table runners for my girlfriends wedding.

Delainey walk is the cutest thing ever! She took 6 steps in a row this morning and is getting more and more confident.

I had the motivation to get started on Delainey's photo book. It takes so much time and I just need to get started on it before my groupon expires.

these boots in grey or black. I'm going to use any birthday money and save up for them. I think they will be great for ravine walks with the winter liner and will actually last more than one winter.

 apparently I don't read anymore. I even bought a magazine on our road trip and didn't even crack it open until 2 nights ago!? A magazine!

 a lot of hot water. I love hot water - especially with lemon wedges.

the last few items for Delainey's birthday party coming up!

16 September 2014

{a few first steps}

I have no idea how Justin captured her very first steps on video but I am so glad he did - just like her very first crawl! 
I don't think she is going to start full on walking right away but the few steps she takes here and there I love and she looks so cute!
Lately she has been doing lots of independent walking pushing her walker, the laundry basket or anything similar she can get her hands on! She will also walk just holding one of our hands - she will shuffle if you hold her left hand but will walk normally if you hold her right?! Silly girl.
And on Sunday she was standing for long periods of time and looking like she was thinking hard about walking and eventually took these steps. :)
Love her.

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